festival 2010

is happening from August 5 – 8th, and it will be awesome. Events are happening all over the city, and are all all ages and mostly free. There will be a giant slip and slide, a toddler dance-off, a midnight ghost walk, and an attempt to reenact Jim Henson’s The Labyrinth. Plus, any number of hang-outs and high-fives, bike rides and secret bands, water fights and mysteries (snacks). AAAAAAAAAH It will be awesome!!

Look Look Look at the schedule and the line-up of sweetness! See you at some rad events!

xoxo Choose Yer Own

CYO 2010 schedule


Scout Badges
for every event you attend collect a pin we made! limited edition and they’re awesome

Helpful Neighbourhood Diagrams
posters informing you about the popular television series “Law and Order” will be plastered around town!

Thursday, August 5

Singing Tour of Calgary: 17th ave edition

Take a tour of 17th Ave SW with a batch of local songwriters as your guide. It’s a fun urban walk where you can listen to songs about places people have lived and loved.
departs from the Gazebo at 17th ave and 8th st SW
6 – 8pm

organized by Ryan Fitzpatrick. Songs sung by Evan Freeman, Foon Yap, Laura Leif, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Andrea, and James Dangerous.

T (shirt) Party!
tie-dieing + air brushing + bands!!
STRAW gallery (6th st and 15th ave SW – there will be signs)
7 – 11pm

presented by STRAW gallery.

Live from Calgary! It’s Choose Yer Own!
A sweet comedy show where local funny people try to crack you up. Also featured, a real or simulated brick wall to bring back memories of 80s cable stand-up.
departs from STRAW gallery at 9:30 pm

presented by Kevin Stebner. Comedians included Kiki Barua, Neal Moignard, and Sonje.

Friday, August 6

Live on Air! Woo! tune into CJSW or drop by the station for a live, on-air concert, feat. Honeybear and Free Nude Celebs. yay!
noon – 1pm,
CJSW 90.9 fm

presented by Kat Cardiff.

Blues House Extravaganza (all taking place at Blues House, 119 7th St NE)

  • Adventure Playground Help Dana build a rad jungle-gym/art playground out of found materials. Totally improvisational and collaborative. Play on it after! 3 – 7pm
  • Blind Show & Tell Bring something you’d like to share with the class, except in the dark! examples include: a song/instrument, a snack, a story/memory, a special scent, a significant texture, a question you have yet to find the answer to…. 7 pm
  • JG’s Very Dark Garage Tyler is making his garage unbelievably dark. You can go in it. 3 – 10pm

–  quilted/black blanket/oilmusic and art in response to the gulf oil disaster, featuring 2000wears (previously lucid44) 8 pm

  • bonfire whiskey show no actual whiskey guaranteed, but we will make a bonfire, and Tyler will roll some blues tapes. 9 – 10 pm

Presented by Tyler Los-Jones, Jacqueline Bell, Dana Schloss, Dan Godin, Laura Leif, Michelle Trudgeon, and Mark Overland.

Cello Bird Jams
Chill out at dusk and listen to beautiful cello music (courtesy  Clea Foofat) as she jams with the sounds of the birds and the distant train yard.
secret location – come to Blues House to get directions, a map, or to join the bike convoy
10:30 – 11:30 pm

Presented by Laura Leif. Music by Clea Foofat, Brock Geiger, and the birds.

Covers Under a Bridge 2.0: Ghost Songs
gather at midnight under a bridge and listen to covers of lovely ghost songs!
come to blues house earlier in the day to find out where, or join the convoy at the cello show

Presented by Sean Stewart. Musicians included Matt Leroyd, Neal Moignard, The Ogden Owls, Dallin Ursenbach, and others.

Ghost Walk
Grab your walkmans and your boom boxes, and wander Inglewood along to a guided audio tour that will lead you to Inglewood’s spookiest sites. Broadcast over CJSW’s community wavelengths!
Inglewood + CJSW 90.9 FM, group tour leaving from Covers Under a Bridge
1 – 2am

Presented by Sean Stewart. Story tellers included Kris Demeanor and an old roommate.

Saturday, August 7

Toddler Dance-Off
Bring your babies to participate in the sweetest dance contest of the year. More fun than that YouTube video.
Eau Clair/ Prince’s Island bridge

Presented by Liam Gordon.

Summer Memories Audio Tour
Stop in at the Audio Tours station to pick up an Audio Guide to Prince’s Island park. Walk to places on a little map and listen to tracks that talk about them.
Prince’s Island Suspension Bridge, north side
11am – 6pm
Presented by Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed.

RIVER ISLAND events taking place in or around Prince’s Island Park, noon – 5pm

  • Bottle the Sky The Sky is never one steady shade of blue. Here’s your chance to try to replicate it by drawing water from the Bow and dying it to match the sky.

  • Seed Bombs and Canning Lessons Make seed bombs of native plants to throw in your garden, and learn how to can from some one who knows how!

  • Duct Tape Duels Build an awesome duct weapon and prepare for (relatively safe) combat. Or, egg the combatants on by joining the mood-setting drum circle

  • Eat Cereal + Wear Rainbow + Animate Yourself Dress Head to toe, your favorite ROYGBIV color (maybe on your way to the Neon Kraftwerk Parade?)! Bring a bowl – for free cereal! Check out this video to see what we mean-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2fpgpanZAw. This event happens exclusively from noon-3pm, look for the rainbow people.

Presented by Kris Kelly, Thrive, Ian Kinney, and Quickdraw Animation Society, respectively.

Build Yer Own Pedal
Learn the skills you need to build your own sweet guitar pedal. Plus, you get to actually build one and take it home! ($25 cost for parts, rsvp neal at chooseyerown@gmail.com)
The Local Library (131 7th ave SW, alley entrance)
noon – 4pm

Presented by Neal Moignard.

Neon Kraftwerk Parade Dress up in an eye-splitting neon get-up and march through the streets to the sounds of German electronic music legends Kraftwerk.
departs from sunnyside LRT station, ends at the Labyrinth
6 – 7pm

LABYRINTH! REENACTED! … or more aptly put, Chaos inspired by Jim Henson’s The Labyrinth. Totally DIY, and you are totally welcome to join in. Come dressed up and ready to sing along! Secretly-themed pinãta-smashing to follow.
The Local Library (131 7th ave SW, alley entrance)

Presented by Aiofe and team Choose Yer Own.

Sunday, August 8th

Sunday Morning Sidewalk
A sidewalk chalk choose-your-own-path adventure on the streets of the city with intersections and landmarks as important points in the story!
Starts outside Beano Cafe (1613 9th st SW)
10am till it rains

Presented by Michael Sander.

Chip Yer Own
Bring your Game Boy and learn the skills you need to make 8-Bit music. It will be awesome! (20$ fee for the chip, email kevin at revolutionwinter {at} gmail {dot} com to register).
Cantos Music Foundation (134 11th ave SE)
1 – 3pm

Presented by Kevin Stebner.

WATER PARTY activities both wet and dry around Riley Park… you will have to look for them.

  • Minstrel Cycle Outdoor Swimsuit Show An outdoor rock show! Wear your swimsuit! 5pm
  • Giant Slip and Slide you get it. 2 – 5pm
  • Reading Circle Drum circle alternative. mobile Library will be available for you to peruse. 2 – 5pm

  • Le Trebuchet/The Trap Someone dressed as a chess board will be wandering and asking you to play chess with him! 2 – 5pm

Presented by punk kids, Eric Moschopedis, and Renato Vitic.

Staircase Singing
come to an echoy stair case in ACAD and hear a choir sing some lovely songs!
a person with a flag will be at the bottom of the ACAD hill to lead you up, or you can meet them when they get up to the ACAD lobby.

Studio Grub & Crit

Go over to Bogdan’s house and give him thoughtful criticism of his artwork. In exchange, he’ll make you dinner. email bogdan12@hotmail.com to RSVP and tell him your dietary needs!
3216 10th st NW
6 – 10pm

Presented by Bogdan Cheta.

16mm movie night!!!!!!!
Come watch some rad movies and eat some excellent popcorn!! movies include: night of the living dead and several sweet short educational films from the past! We’ll also be screening the animations made during saturday’s animation event.
10pm – 12am

Presented by Craig Storm.


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