CYOwn 2008

Choose Yer Own 2008, August 7th – 11th


The first Choose Yer Own festival was a total, messy, blast! We are so glad it happened, and are so grateful to all of you for making it so awesome. Thanks for all your amazing contributions! here is last year’s schedule for you to look at.

here is last year’s schedule for you to look at:

August 7th-10th
The Arbour Lake Sghool

During the course of the festival, ambitious cyclists that are willing to make their way up to the top of Nose-Hill (in the Northwest of Calgary) can find refuge in a sandy oasis. The front lawn of The Arbour Lake Sghool is now covered with fifteen tonnes of washed sand. Guests will be welcome to enjoy the sand under them however they choose while experiencing visuals and sounds. If any should fall prey to the lure of cannibalism upon landing on this deserted island they will be treated with hotdogs and cheap drinks free of charge (no human meat will be served).
This space is conceptualized and wrought by Kristin Trethewey (Banff Centre) and Justin Patterson (Arbour Lake Sghool). For the most part someone who made the journey could expect a place to sleep for the night (either on the sand or inside of its too cold).


Good Life Community Bike Shop
Need info on the festival, community, or taking care of your bike?
Maps, flyers, and helpful people will be around throughout the festival at the Good Life community bike shop. They also have bikes available, and will help you fix your bike anytime.



Kick-off Show



musical Chairs with LESSSOUND
some songs from MY ROBOT UNICORN
a solo performance by Woodpigeon’s MARK HAMILTON
and the Neighbourhood Council’s KATIE LEE

Bike Workshop

Good Life community bike shop

Eau Claire Market

Drum Choir
4-6 pm

Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Centre
Field out back


“Calgary drummers or otherwise can bring as much of a drum kit as they like to participate. Austin Tufts will lead the drumming for the 2 hours. Unless he gets tired. Then Mike Wallace can take over. I hope he shows up. I’m going to contact the city to make sure this is cool, at most a permit might be necessary. I saw a flyer the other day for a drum circle in Riley park. It probably wasn’t 15 bass drums, but whatever.”
hosted by Neal Moignard
Le Plus Grand De’fi de Bicycle du Monde

the field behind hillhurst/sunnyside community centre

(The World’s Greatest Bicycle Challenge)





Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Centre – the field in back
A bicycle-oriented challenge in the form of a wildly punishing and possibly illegally fun obstacle course, that will send riders through a gauntlet of pylons, baby-duck crossings (rubber of course), pop can-crushings, possible muggers, dismount-and-jump-over-thing things, and frighteningly much more.The Goodlife will be providing assistance in the form of a stock of bikes on site for the event, for those who wish to play but are wheel-less.
created by Andrew Davidson
Busking for Charity
6 – 7:30 pm
In front of the PlazaTheatre

An evening filled with music and conversation, attempting to foster community through our gifts of music and passerby generosity. Any proceeds will go to charity. Everyone attending can contribute with his or her own art form. Bring guitars, flutes, kazoos or even a kangaroo and shred them as hard as you can.
Presented by Eric Andrews and Unseasoned Records
7:30 – 9pm
meet at the north end of sunnyside train station


Rouge Improv Calgary is going to work on their fitness and they need someone to witness. People should wear ridiculous work out clothes and be prepared to talk.
7:30 – 9:30pm
Outside the Plaza Theatre in Kensington


the passersby will witness four musicians and four artists drawing aural potraits in the air and on the page. Specially treated pencils and pens will make each stroke of each drawing audible through a speaker, which will serve as the basis for the musicians’ playing.
Drawing will be Kiarra Albina, Eric Hamelin, Sam Walrod, and Playing will be Jay Crocker, Chris Dadge, Scott Munro, Cody Oliver.
Presented by Chris Dadge
1$ for a portrait, otherwise free

O Paon et les autres

bike convoy departure from the Plaza at 9:30

A show featuring O Paon (previously Woelv, of krecs), Knots, Secret Brothers, and Whale Mountain.
5$ at the door


throughout the day
Bicycle Workshops
The Good Life community bike shop

get info about the festival, community, and taking care of bikes!

Percussion Circle


Olympic Plaza

“Come blow your Flu Floobers, come bang your Tartinkers
Come blow your Who-Hoobers and bang your Garginkers.
Come beat your Trum Trookers, come slam your Sloo Slonkers
Come beat your Blum Blookers and wham your Hoo-Wonkers.
Come clap your Claptrappers, come let out with squeels
Come dance with jingtinglers tied onto your heels!
Come out come out and make wonderful
We will provide all sorts of bangin’ home-made instruments, and we hope that you’ll bring some of your own sounds too (that we have or have not heard of). If you haven’t got any, then all you have to bring is some rhythm and some hands/feet.
Presented by Melissa Tierney, Chris Kavanagh, and Katie Mercier
Gallery Tour
11:30 – 1:30pm
1pm departure from “Olympic plaza near Teatro’s near the Famous Five statues on grass”

a tour of seven galleries. will end up near the Arusha Centre and EMMEDIA
led by Phil Sti
Gender Performance: A Critical and Playful Inquiry into a Powerful Behavior-Controlling Mechanism

Part I: Participants discuss issues around gender in a non-heirarchical and open setting allowing everyone to learn from each other. An attempt will be made to break down the stereotypes surrounding the male and female genders. Supplimentary information will be provided on the topics of intersexuality and transgended persons in the queer community.
Part II: Participants will perform improvisational performances and role play in order to literaly perform gender. These performances are to encourage everyone to address the issues of concern brought up in discussion and explore gender identities in a fun and safe environment. Costume and make-up provided.
Participation is expected. Acting skills are not a requirement for this workshop, the goal is rather to allow participants to be themselves and explore their own gender identities.
hosted by Latifa Pellitier – Ahmed

Screen Yer Own Work!

EMMEDIA – Yap Room
This is a chance to show everyone what you’ve been working on and too see some of the awesome work everyone else has created!
Hosted by Duncan Kenworthy

Arusha Centre

This event will be in preparation for the closing parade on sunday evening.
2 previously created float armatures, made from wire and cardboard etc., will be present for participants to decorate and embellish with supplied materials. You can also make banners, musical instruments, batons, and flags for marching band.

materials and props for parade costume ridiculousness will be provided/encouraged to be brought by workshop participants.
Hosted by Amber Phelps Bondaroff and Alex Felicitas

robot battles!

Arusha Centre and around





Come as a robot, or make a robot costume out of recycled cardboard and ductape (to be provided). Then battle eachother to your costume’s destruction!! or just watch, that’s ok, too.
Robot building will be at the Arusha Centre, the battles will take place wherever.
Hosted by Laura Leif
Clitical Mass! A women only critical mass bike ride and celebration
2 – 5pm
Meet at 2pm at Eau Claire Plaza for a 30 minute Critical Mass style bike ride followed by a Celebration of Women in the park with free food and live entertainment. childcare will be available.
Presented by the Bike Tree Collective

Choose Yer Own Nourishment
5:30 – 7:30


Two of the best things: eating and sharing. its a potluck! (This means you bring some food to share, and then other people share with you. real food is better than chips, but whatever).
Hosted by Phil Sti and Laura Wan
Summerwood Warren Showcase!!
6 – 11pm






A super fun hang out, featuring (in no particular order)
1) Clinton St. John performing a series of fables
2) Aaron Fisher doing something interesting
3) Craig Fahner being rad and surprising
4) Dallin Ursenbach and the Five Clam Band
5) You Change, by Sean Stewart and Kristin Tretheway
6) War Hugs, making noise
7) Some treats from the Quickdraw Animation Society
8) a jam if its not a million o’clock already
5$/4$ if you come dressed like you belong in a choose your own adventure novel (robot battles, anyone?)

Jagatha Cristies, Kristoffer Benoit, and Boats!


Marquee Room
10 – 2am

#1 royal canadian legion upstairs

Featuring: Sub linguals (10), Black Mould (11), Zebrah (12), seizure salad DJ in between sets, a “cow raffle”, costco muffins, free toothpicks, and a poster sale
10$/5$ with a ticket from O Paon or The Summerwood Show (available at the door)

Ask Our Landlord, Mr. Ken Lee: Breakfast Cereal Addition

10 – 11 am

Eric Moschopedis and Mia Rushton’s Living Room
210 11th ave NW

Ask our Landlord, Mr. Ken Lee invites participants to eat breakfast and engage in dialogue with Mr. Ken Lee. Mr. Ken Lee will answer any question participants need answers to. A whimsical, but critically aimed project, Ask our Landlord, Mr. Ken Lee seeks to establish a temporary site where personal, social, or cultural conundrums might be resolved. During the past decade, with the rise of the Internet and digital information storage, problem solving and knowledge gathering has become increasingly confined to the domain of the impersonal. Whatever happened to asking a live human being? Why not sit down with a bowl of Lucky Charms and ask somebody who has some answers?Mr. Ken Lee likes to talk and he likes to solve problems. Mr. Ken Lee possesses an innate ability to conceptualize abstract ideas while maintaining the logical composure of a mathematician. It might sound like the man is a wizard—but the truth is, Mr. Ken Lee is a very regular guy who has been involved in a lot of cool shit. Mr. Ken Lee is a cultural secret agent. He is the president of the Calgary Chinese Merchants Association, an organizer of intercultural soccer/art camps, and has recently been photographed serving pancakes with the Honorable Jim Prentice. Mr. Ken Lee has lived in a shack in the Yukon where he was a miner, has run a successful telecommunications company, built and renovated houses, project managed construction sites, and is a good friend and Landlord. As a result, he’s got some answers, or more accurately, further questions; but these questions often answer the very question you have asked in the first place. The rules of this project are simple. People can ask Mr. Ken Lee advice or a question on any subject. People may ask: “Who is your favorite soccer player ? ”. “My girlfriend is pregnant, what should I do?,” “I can’t seem to find work, any suggestions?,” “Why doesn’t my mother call me anymore?,” or “What defines romance in the 21st century?”

Ask our Landlord, Mr. Ken Lee is consistent with and advances our collaborative practice of creating community through performance and relational events. free

Urban Combine
11 – 1pm

Lion’s Park Station, southbound side

Using the elements of the prairies and Calgary’s urban landscape, we are creating a mosaic that explores the fusion of these two elements focusing on the sites and sounds that surround our everyday life in Calgary.
Presented by Laurel Roppelt and Melissa Tuplin

the Arbour Lake Sghool

J. Archibald and the Steady Hand and others are playing in the sand. Songs, and maybe games?

Dress Like The 90’s! Potluck at my house.


20th avenue center street

A vegan/Vegetarian Potluck hosted by Liam Gordan
free! bring food.

North-West Swagger: A Bicycled Paradathon Extraordinaire!


departs from Lion’s park train station

bring your bike and come parading! dress up, bring some noise makers, banners and flags! there will also be some awesome things provided from Saturday’s create-a-thon parade-a-thon. Lead by Amber Phelps-Bondaroff and Alex Felicitas
Parade ends at the Good Life just in time for Lemon Slice!
Lemon Slice! (a closing party)
7pm- late

The Good Life community bike shop
Eau Claire Market

DJ friends are going to make a whole bunch of lemonade and have a dance party. Music will be on the party pop end of things, sweet treats for the dancefloor. Also, probably girly.
Featuring Kayla Morin (Visual Artist/VJ), Shannon Long (DJ), Tayana Jacques (DJ), and Sean Stewart (DJ).


Meteor Foon
meet at 9pm at Dalhousie Station with a bike, or email for directions
Watch the meteor shower in the middle of an open field with other lovely people. sound-tracked by live violin. nice.


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