August 4th, 2013

Hey Everyone! We messed up Choose Yer Own this year so the dates are super weird!! The FIRST DAY of CYOwn is this Sunday, August 4th, and is called BOAT LAUNCH. You should totally come to it! Choose Yer Own proper is August 9 -11th, stay tuned for all that.

Here’s the August 4th haps:

SUNDAY AUGUST 4TH – (tiny) boat launch!

baot launch FB pic

11AM – 1PM croissants and a plant walk!

chill with some new favourite pals as you walk around back alleys and lush hillsides identifying plants you know. Possibly featuring a real live botanist.

Muster point: 11am in front of Sunnyside Market (338 – 10th Street NW ), croissants in hand

1PM – 2PM Plant Club debriefing

Hang out, look in your plant books, draw lil drawings of plants you found, make notes. It’ll be so nice.

wherever the plant walkers wind up at (probably the CYOwn clubhouse?)

2PM – 6PM Mega Make Date!

If you’ve ever wanted to help make the weird stuff we need for Choose Yer Own, now’s your chance. We’ll have the supplies, just bring yrselves.

at Choose Yer Own Clubhouse
(back alley behind 1722 13th Ave SW)


8PM – 10:30PM Stefan Gruber’s Animation Roadshow!

From Seattle! Live animation, a live voice performance, and an entertaining array of audience interaction that includes a psychic portrait.

Presented by Quickdraw, this is our only ticketed event (sorry!) but let us know if you need on the guest list for any reason. $8 in advance, $12 at the door.

at Quickdraw Animation Society
11th ave and 4th st SW, above the Mongolie Grill

11PM – 12AM 3-way soccer match!

Come play this wicked awesome game!!!! it’s going to be the best!! Developed by Stefan Gruber over the course of 7 years, it involves a yoga ball, lego, and three teams. I am so excited.

LOCATION TBA very soon
optional Muster Point: 10:30 at Quickdraw Animation Society

stay tuned for info on next weekend’s events
and again, check back for changes before you come on out


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