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Choose Yer Own is a festival based on sweet adventure. It is about being able to choose yer own level of involvement, because feeling like you belong to a place is so important to caring about it. It is about actively creating the culture that your want to live in. Choose Yer Own is a collaborative festival. Anybody can put anything on, which means the festival is always unpredictable and surprising, and also meaning that the festival is built and owned by you: the participants, passer-bys, and accidental organizers of the various events. The festival tries to use unusual venues (abandoned spaces, liminal spaces, public spaces…) that are all within biking distance of one another, encouraging exploration and interaction with the city. The only rule of the festival is that all submissions have to encourage people to engage more with their city, whether it is the people or the places that they pass through, and also (of course!) that nothing can be hateful in content or delivery.


Folks of the Fest

We are a sweet team of nice folks who usually include:
Laura Leif, Dana Schloss, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Sean Stewart, Kevin Stebner, Dan Godin, Reid Blakey, Carolyn Brown
plus these folks help a ton: eric moschopedis (clubhouse builder + advice), mia rushton (screen printing + guidance), dillon whitfield (maker of our days), harvey hinton (photography and yes sayer), katherine ziff (true wisdom),  Liam Gordon, CJSW, Beatroute, The Arusha Centre, The city of Calgary, Calgary artists and arts administrators everywhere,  plus more more more. thanks everyone who helps out. let us know if you want to do anything for the festival, we hardly ever say no.

The Festival’s History
Choose Yer Own was founded in 2008 by two roommates cooking lunch in a suburban kitchen, when they realized that if the festival that they wanted to go to didn’t exist in Calgary, then they should just make it themselves. They also decided that day to make sure everybody felt they could make this festival the festival of their dreams, and, barring that, that they at least feel encouraged to start their own. We wanted everyone to feel like:

1) your level of involvement is your own to determine!

2) you can totally create the cultural experience that you want yourself!

3) There are super rad things about anywhere that you live, as long as you are willing to look for them.

And thus the festival was born!

More info on festivals past is on this site, email us if you’d like to know more about festivals future!

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