That’s right friends! From any of you who haven’t gathered from our complete lack of CYOwn related activity this year, we’re on a mini hiatus. Like this sleeping wizard!


You know, we’ve got other things on the go, shit gets crazy, we’re just following our number one rule of only doing things as long as they’re fun. Soooooo we’ll keep you posted as things progress! Thanks for all your support, love, energy, and hilarious ideas over the years! We’ll see you in the FORESEEABLE FUTURE with some other RAD ACTIVITIES. Possibly percolating in our figurative beards at this very moment. 

In the meantime you can always get ahold of we the CYOwn crew by tracking down miss Laura Leif, she’ll give you the latest haps. 

As always we’re feeling this chalked sentiment big time, y’all:




Take care of yourselves in the meantime, we’ll see you real soon. 


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