thnks good city

chooseyerown IV was the ultimate rad.

be sure to email us at if you want to help out for next year, ask us questions, or anything. here are some rad things that happened this year:

there were guided tours of jurrasic park

just barely escaped an escaped t-rex

guerrilla marching band with homemade instruments

sushi making

spooky storiesfrom alberta read by flashlight in the basement of a keyboard museum

rode bikes with a punk rock boom box to a secret picnic spot

spider web entrance

covers of showtunes under a bridge. led fireflies in the background.

dueled in a park

staged a charlie brown choosemas

made hundreds of fireflies

hung hundreds of fireflies: true magic

hung out in the best clubhouse

hugged this little dog

partied with some toddlers

learned about making sweet projections, later spaced around an area razed in anticipation of construction.

this guy hung with a raptor

made a giant pile of beautiful shirts (printing mia rushton, design heather smith)

hung out in this nice house full of animated gifs and cupcakes.

made all these weird dioramas

bloody goat…

built this sweet clubhouse

and oh YEAH

and you should watch this it is my very favourite thing:


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