That’s right friends! From any of you who haven’t gathered from our complete lack of CYOwn related activity this year, we’re on a mini hiatus. Like this sleeping wizard!


You know, we’ve got other things on the go, shit gets crazy, we’re just following our number one rule of only doing things as long as they’re fun. Soooooo we’ll keep you posted as things progress! Thanks for all your support, love, energy, and hilarious ideas over the years! We’ll see you in the FORESEEABLE FUTURE with some other RAD ACTIVITIES. Possibly percolating in our figurative beards at this very moment. 

In the meantime you can always get ahold of we the CYOwn crew by tracking down miss Laura Leif, she’ll give you the latest haps. 

As always we’re feeling this chalked sentiment big time, y’all:




Take care of yourselves in the meantime, we’ll see you real soon. 

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Oct. 5th: stuff!

schedule: hereCYO6tinyGabrielUpdateFinal

So, by all appearances, it seems that the Oct. 5th Choose Yer Own is really happening. Various cat’s are rounded up and we are now just seeking kittens, or participants or, better still, participants with kittens*.

If you’re an event organizer, expect to hear from Gabriel today or tomorrow (or call him anytime), as we’ve had some venue changes. The bonafide schedule will (hopefully) be posted here soon — as promised everything’s getting very messy!!!


*The Best-Prepared Badge will be awarded to participants with all of: kittens, crayons, kites, autoharps and umbrellas.

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September 26, 2013 · 3:52 pm

CYO6FB pic

missing the boat edition
August 4th, August 9th – 11th, and October 5th, 2013

That we messy as usual, and because of it you get three weekends of Choose Yer Own this year!!!!


(Tiny) Boat Launch
August 4th
(FB event here, full schedule here)

Sweet Saillin’
August 9 – 11th
(Choose Yer Own Proper – FB event here, full schedule here)

Ship Wreck
October 5th
(schedule coming soon)

We also changed the name of this year’s fest to the “Missing the Boat edition”, because we kind of did, though what does it matter? Getting your socks a bit wet back on the shoreline, as it turns out, is no problem, so long as you’re with pals and good people. Check the website and this FB page for info as it arises!

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July 31, 2013 · 8:51 pm

Choose Yer Own 2013 dates announced!

CYOWN VI!! hell or high water edition

August 9 – 11th, 2013!

We are so stoked, you should be too. If you have any ideas for rad events plz check out our submissions page! Woo hoo!

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CYOwn V in summary

207168_10152082850190257_1108381575_nhung out with so many E.T.s582548_10151064877290966_1436268915_nhilarious colouring book style posters

IMG_0121the hunger games: the game

556494_10152082849770257_1405095662_nthese guys kept the peace

339996_10151205219805977_1034851277_obeautiful covers under a bridge, with some super lovely folks playin super lovely songs

415113_150451988428123_501102713_oreenactments of movies we had never seen based on what our friends told us happened in them

554286_10152173224675607_875599567_nmysterious “island nights” adventures

534387_10151079377210966_1538862726_nwatched bands play in a half pipe. the best part by far was getting out again. such a team effort.

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CYOWN winter palzz

Hey Dudes! We are up to stuff!! Join us at Tubby Dog on December 20th for a screening of 2 HEART OR 2 HEARSAY

It’ll be a lot of re-makes of Christmas films, made by your pals (new, old, or of the future). Nobody involved in the making of these movies was allowed to re-watch them, meaning they have all been made, yes, by heart or by hearsay. They are seriously great.


here is the FB page:


and here are some from the last round: (they are really awesome!)


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Choose Yer Own Schedule

Choose Yer Own, superpals! Here is the schedule –peruse it!


Start at Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association (1418 – 7th Ave NW)

Vittles and Werewolverines (6:30pm): Come on down to the nicest, most community-y community hall that we know for some toothsome eatin’ and our take on Werewolves, a parlour game of deception and perception.

The Lonely Glutton (9:00pm): Ted Stenson, local playwright and gadabout, premieres this play in one act about a family of wolverines. One thing’s for sure… you’ll know more about wolverines when you leave then when you enter! Also you will laugh.

By Heart or By Hearsay (10:00pm): A film festival showcasing lovingly ‘Sweded’ movies: homemade, zero-budget re-enactments, all locally produced by teams of pals.

Move to McHugh Bluffs

Light up the Bluffs (11:00pm): Do what the title says! Downtown gives such a lovely view, we thought we’d return the favour. Help us make glowing LED magic.


From Olympic Plaza

+15 Listening Party (2:00pm): Claudia and Vlad (collaborativeprojectsyyc.blogspot.ca) take us on a sweet sonic adventure through the +15s. Make yer own mics and explore!

Hot Dates with Blank Pages (2:00pm): Stroll with a group of pals down Stephen Avenue, stopping occasionally to pen witty or thoughtful or mindblowing poems to and about and in the public spaces of Calgary.

From New Edinburgh Park (in Sunnyside near 3rd Ave and 5a St NW)

Heart to Heart Station (3:00pm): Not an art project! Talking about your feelings is real life! Coziness (provided by tent, couch, and tea) and shared conversation should help provide cushy courage for open and earnest IRL chat sessions.

Teddy Bear Picnic (3:00pm): Bring your best childhood-cum-adulthood friend and have some snacks with us. Take a break from the intense emoting and singing and running and playing you’ve been doing (see above and below).

Lifesize Board Game (3:00pm): Oh man! A giant street-bound board game and you are the pawn and you are trapped within! Will you survive this treacherous and intractable turn of fate? We hope so, because we want you to come to more stuff.

Dog Choir (4:00pm): Bring your best dog pal (in life or in memory) and sing songs honouring the noble beasts we have loved and lost (shoes too).

Trapeze! Trapeze! Trapeze! (4:30 pm): We have at our disposal, for a couple hours, an aerial rig. Like at the circus. And you can use it. Choose yer own + acrobatics. Yes. Oh yes.

Move to The Pink House (308 – 12th St NW)

Dinner at The Pink House (6:30pm): Yup! Just like it says. Will it be tacos? Sushi? BBQ? Grilled cheese sandwiches? Only time (and eventually our website) will tell. One thing’s certain – bring your truffle oil!

Helpful Signs (6:30): The city is full of signs that help us out. Help us add more signs that help everyone understand the world in a different way.

Move to Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association (1418 – 7th Ave NW)

ET: The Ride (8:30 pm): As in the extra-terrestrial, not Entertainment Tonight. Another loving recreation brought to you by Universal Studios North. Bring your bike! No lawsuits!

Move to a secret location (check the website or text us: 403.616.5876)

Cover Songs Under a Bridge V: Sing About the Future (9:30pm): New bridge, new year, new theme. New! This time around with 16mm sci-fi projections from CSIF. The nicest time.

Move to the Choose Yer Own Clubhouse (the alley between 12th and 13th Aves between 16th and 17th Sts SW)

Slumber Party (11:00pm ’til morning!): We would write a proper description, but we think a list of activities will more than suffice. Ahem: ghost stories, popcorn, Ouija board seances, light-as-a-feather stiff-as-a-board, truth or dare, fortune telling, teen movies, staying up late! Bring your sleeping bag for this one. Maybe a tent?


Start at the Bow River Pathway, Kensington Side, by 10th St Bridge

Bike Wheel Animations (3:00pm): Tell a story using only your tires, your imagination, paper, and probably some other stuff! As with, well, all Choose Yer Own events, you’d best bring your bike.

Junkyard Percussion (4:00pm): Under teenage direction, make the junkiest instruments possible from the junkiest junk available to make the sweetest noise-sounds.

Wet and Wild Hunger Games Showdown (4:00pm): You’ve never had this much fun while fighting to the death. The secret is to add water. Bring yourself as tribute!

Move to the Choose Yer Own Clubhouse

Breakfast for Dinner w/Mellow Sounds (6:30pm): Just in time to wake up (for a second time today)! Enjoy a morning meal with early morning sounds courtesy of Aoife’s brand new band thing . Plus an Andrew Wedderburn and Night Committee shaped alarm clock.

Extreme Bike Ride to a Mystery Location (8:30pm): Most of the description is already in the title, but bring your bike and your best punk sneer. We’ve probably already said too much.

Ramones Choir/Brain Fever (9:00pm): At a secret Rockaway Beach, you won’t want to be sedated for a punk rock choir that remembers rock and roll radio. You’ll need a teenage lobotomy to get rid of your case of Brain Fever! Hey ho, let’s go! (Groan!)

All weekend all the time

Assassins: Haven’t you always wanted to kill your friends? Become a weekend hitman in this game of deadly intrigue.

Lifesize Choose Yer Own Adventure Walk (Saturday morning until it rains):  An IRL Choose Yer Own Adventure Book in sidewalk chalk. Walk or bike from choice to choice and decide your fate!

Island Night (Sunday through Monday): For 48 hours, join a nomadic society which values improvisation, storytelling, and silence. Tour the city as guide and visitor. If you’re open to everything then everything fits in the world.

See you real soon!

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Do Something For it! 2012

Submission form is now up pals! Go check it out.


Choose Yer Own

August 31st – Sept 2nd, 2012

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CYOwn 2012!! August 31st – September 2nd

Hey Pals! We are so stoked for this year’s choose yer own yeah!!!!!!! oh my goodness. It’s happening a little later in the year this time, make note. Start thinking of sweet ideas, we sure will too! Emphasis is on: exploration, adventure, and loving your city. Also garbage and the seemingly impossible, as always. Check the “about” section for more info. Submission form coming super soon.We are checking our emails again, so go ahead and shoot any ol’ questions on to: chooseyerown@gmail.com, we will do our best to get back to you right away.


laura leif + team choose yer own.

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thnks good city

chooseyerown IV was the ultimate rad.

be sure to email us at chooseyerown@gmail.com if you want to help out for next year, ask us questions, or anything. here are some rad things that happened this year:

there were guided tours of jurrasic park

just barely escaped an escaped t-rex

guerrilla marching band with homemade instruments

sushi making

spooky storiesfrom alberta read by flashlight in the basement of a keyboard museum

rode bikes with a punk rock boom box to a secret picnic spot

spider web entrance

covers of showtunes under a bridge. led fireflies in the background.

dueled in a park

staged a charlie brown choosemas

made hundreds of fireflies

hung hundreds of fireflies: true magic

hung out in the best clubhouse

hugged this little dog

partied with some toddlers

learned about making sweet projections, later spaced around an area razed in anticipation of construction.

this guy hung with a raptor

made a giant pile of beautiful shirts (printing mia rushton, design heather smith)

hung out in this nice house full of animated gifs and cupcakes.

made all these weird dioramas

bloody goat…

built this sweet clubhouse

and oh YEAH

and you should watch this it is my very favourite thing:

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